Modex 2016 Reveals IT Solutions Useful to Edmonton Companies


The Modex Show, dubbed the greatest supply chain exhibition platform in the world to date, went under way and a lot was revealed in line with the IT support industry – the engine of the chains. On the 4th of April, the chairman of MHI welcomed the masses that turned up to what was scheduled and expected to be 4 days of innovative solutions to various requirements. Some of the exhibition stands that were included ranged from IT solutions Edmonton could do with, manufacturing and assembly as well as delivery solutions to fulfil supply demand.

The most beneficial feature at the Modex for a lot of the inquisitive minds soaking up all they can would have to be the seminar sets that were aligned to educate willing minds. Up to a hundred such sets were in place, that is a lot of learning. Even a totally new person to the supply chain business and the various pivots that were being taught would have attained great value. An app was developed in order to give users up to date feeds of events and classes that were taking place in the media theatres at the venue, Georgia World Congress Center.

Perhaps the biggest take away from the exhibition is that all links in the chain have been appreciating how technology and IT support make for better delivery. All stands were evidence of the changes that can be brought by technology either in the form of robots and especially software that enhances the experience of interacting with customers.

it service

The IT support Edmonton has been harnessing can be plugged into the need to keep face and stay as the attractive option for clients at any stage of the supply chain. Automation was a big ideal implemented by some suppliers to good ends. One such vendor, Automate Plus, had crafted a technically edgy solution to managing crates, something that can easily get out of hand quick. Not only will this solution be an addition to the layers of safety measures adopters can take in effort to make their lines safer for employees, they save a lot of time and effort as well.

We all know if there are resources never in surplus in the supply chain links, time and effort, these make all the changes. Their integration with technological innovations could not have come at better times. The need for faster means to get work done, and through safer methods will be a driving factor leading to even more exciting innovations to be revealed at next year’s version of the show. See you there!

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